Inspiring ideas that are worth your time
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Inspiring ideas that are worth your time
Tripping with Technology

Is Microsoft Hololens really the market leader? Proekspert reviews seven different mixed reality smart glasses.

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Vaiko Hansson, Agile Coach
Scrum is not a silver bullet

Using Scrum can be a massive waste of time and create no actual value for users. What can you do to avoid these potential problems?

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Teemu Arina, Biohacker
Biohacking meets Predictive Analytics

If a biohacker can use data to predict when he’ll get the flu, then what are the possibilities for society?

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Mattias Tiitson, Developer
A DevOps War Story

A small team of devs was set loose in the world of DevOps. Here's how they built something beautiful despite the odds against them.

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