Proekspert Represents Estonia in European Business Awards

Proekspert is honored to be named National Public Champion for Estonia in this year’s European Business Awards.
Propelled by public voting, Proekspert was chosen as Estonia’s favorite business, winning the public vote stage of the competition. Over 160,000 votes were recorded from around the world in this stage of the competition.

Also taking part in the competition were 16 Estonian powerhouses including Mooncascade, Nortal, Omniva, G4S Eesti, and Skeleton Technologies.

Proekspert is one of 34 National Public Champions across Europe, the winners chosen from a total of 636 National Champion companies over 11 categories. These 34 National Public Champions will now square off in the next round to determine the European Public Champion. The European Public Champion, plus the 11 category winners, will be announced at the Gala Final in May in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The 34 National Public Champions will go head to head in a second public vote which is now open until April 27. The company with the most votes overall will be crowned European Public Champion.

“Well done to Proekspert,” said Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards, “it is a great achievement.”

“We’re pleased to be recognized at the European level,” said Marko Sverdlik, Proekspert CEO and partner. “It’s a demonstration of the really innovative and cool things being done in Estonia. If you want to vote for us, you’ll help build Estonia’s reputation as an IT leader.” Votes may be cast here:

Also representing Estonia are the Ruban d’Honneur Recipients for 2016/17 Creditstar Group, Magnetic MRO AS, and Omniva. Across Europe, 110 Ruban d'Honneur recipients were selected as top businesses by the esteemed judges to compete to win one of the 11 European Business Awards in 2016/17.

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