We´re hiring in Pärnu

Why work at Proekspert
We’re world changers,
not code monkeys.
Our products play a role in technologies that change the world. Proekspert team members create real solutions that simplify our complicated world. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our work.
Because you are your
own best boss.
Call it holacracy or call it flat, but it means we have no middle managers and you are part of decisions. Organize your own work, choose your own tools, and communicate directly with your clients.
Profit sharing when
things go well.
We share success through profit sharing for all and potential ownership for those who stick around. We pay sick leave even when the law says we don’t have to, plus we offer all the usual IT perks.
Open positions
Didn’t find good position for yourself?

We are always in the market for IT professionals who love non-nonsense solutions.  
Send us your resume hr@proekspert.ee