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Reconstruction of Tele Finland’s self-service portal into a highly user-friendly experience in keeping with the simplicity of the brand promise.

A brand known for simplicity can never afford to offer a user experience that’s complicated.

“Tele Finland has the most satisfied customers in mobile telecom area,” says a TeliaSonera manager responsible for online services. “But initially there were problems with the usability of Oma Liittymä, our self-service portal.”

The site’s navigation carousel made it hard for customers to know where they were in the site. And equally as important, the site’s functionality wasn’t in keeping with TeliaSonera’s most affordable brand’s proposition — simplicity.

Why not front-end, too? 

Despite TeliaSonera’s 15-year relationship with Proekspert, the work history had been only software development. At lunch in Finland one day, Proekspert client manager Urmas Kobin suggested letting Proekspert also take responsibility for the user experience.  

“It just made sense,” says Kobin. “After all, we were doing the software.” The client agreed. It did make perfect sense. 

New ideas

Kaja Kruus, Proekspert’s lead UX designer began by examining the old self-service portal. “I modeled its logic with post-it notes stuck to my wall. I saw lots of duplicates. I realized that to lose the carousel we needed to change the navigation’s information architecture.” 

Changing the architecture was no one’s original intention, but this also made perfect sense. So led by design, a better back-end solution was found. Kruus, keeping the end user in mind, worked to reassemble the portal in a more logical, understandable way.  

The result was an extremely high Net Promoter Score for Tele Finland. And a survey found that customers found the new design easier to use than all the other self-services in the telecom area.


Fresh eyes 

According to Kruus, UX is best tested on users. “User testing gives insights about the reality of how people actually use the product. The end user is the one who should ultimately tell you how to do it.”  

But the greatest challenge, she says, is always being able to look at UX with fresh eyes. “You have to rotate people, hire new partners, slow down, look at things from afar.”


A new normal

It isn’t standard practice for the same company to create both software and UX, but the TeliaSonera manager says it may be the future: “I think it’s the way we are going forward.”  

The manager’s prophecy seems to be coming true. The self-service portal’s success has led to Proekspert designing customer interfaces for TeliaSonera’s other brands. Because sometimes what makes perfect sense does actually happen.

“Proekspert came up with a solution that was not foreseen. They invented a design from scratch, rather than just copy and pasted to make the old design better.”

TeliaSonera manager responsible for online services

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