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Electric linear actuator systems

Linak, the leading expert in electric linear actuator systems, turned to Proekspert to develop an app to control adjustable beds.

If you sleep on an electrically adjustable bed, there's a good chance the electrical actuator – the device that positions you comfortably – is made by the Danish company Linak. If it is, the software which allows you to adjust that bed with your iPhone is made by Proekspert.

Mission: Differentiate

Linak is the company behind the curtain in luxury beds.
It manufactures motor units and hand controls found in beds made by companies like Leggett & Platt and Viking of Sweden.

"Our customers have a need to differentiate between their beds," says Preben Jørgensen, Linak's R&D Manager. “And the handset is the most visible part of an adjust table bed. You don't see the mechanism behind it, but you do see the handset.”

Solving problems that may never occur

Although Linak already offered wireless remote controls for their drives,
it turned to Proekspert to create an app so users could control beds from an iPhone or tablet computer. "We wanted to give our customers the possibility to do more customization and offer a higher-end hand control," says Jørgensen.

Priit Rebina, Proekspert's lead software developer, was tasked with design and user experience. "Part of my job is to think through – and make sure we prevent – all the crazy scenarios that seem like they could never actually happen," he says.

Example: handling multiple, simultaneous commands like two people attempting to control the bed at the same time, one from a remote, the other from an app. With these unlikely yet possible puzzles solved, Proekspert delivered the app, hardware, and Bluetooth box – all of which communicated with each other – in five months.

"We wanted to give our customers the possibility to do more customization and offer a higher-end hand control."

Preben Jørgensen, Linak R&D Manager

Guiding clients

With the app now part of Linak's product portfolio since 2013, Linak's Jørgensen has had plenty of time to evaluate the work. "Even though a small percentage of our customers use the app, we have sold some thousand units in the standard format. And there are also several of our customers who have turned to Proekspert for further customization. I think we can call this a success."

So what does Preben Jørgensen want in a software and design agency? "What makes a company good is that they have the core competence and can guide us in the right direction so that we get software that’s reliable and easy to maintain when new version of the iOS comes out, when new hardware comes out, and six months later you’re not having to redo the software!"

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