Danfoss District Energy
Embedded Industrial Automation Systems
Our client’s goal was to design a service tool application that was perfectly suited to all Danfoss’ markets; a tool to make the service of heating controllers easier and more cost effective, in order to reduce the average time technicians spend on one controller.

The challenge: One platform - several markets

Choosing the perfect technological platform that would suit all different markets with their unique requirements was the main challenge of the project. Danfoss was looking for a partner with deep technological insight who would also understand the needs of their customers and end users in different parts of the world.

The method: 3-step process of Definition, Research, Analysis

Definition: Our process started with a workshop defining the scope of the project and introducing the trends, possibilities and technology platforms to our client. We travelled from Danfoss’ headquarters to their subsidiaries in Europe to gather all the data on our client’s market needs.

Research: Our research revolved around additional interviews and gathering in-depth knowledge about technical possibilities and the end user needs. We interviewed technicians, visited resellers in Estonia and paid a visit to the Danfoss factory on their home territory in Denmark.

Analysis: Based on the knowledge gathered from the research, our software analysis, usability and software architecture specialists analysed all the possibilities and technical platforms to determine the perfect concept for the needed service tool. We presented the service tool’s detailed concept specifications through a series of mock-ups during a review meeting at Danfoss.

“A high professional level and the ability to enter into our customers’ needs. Proekspert has helped promote quality in Danfoss front end activities.”

Per Ballegaard, Project Manager, Danfoss District Energy

The outcome: the optimum concept

After analysing all the data pertaining to determining the right user interface and the general concept, we were able to make a quotation for the development phase. Our analysis showed that it was possible to split the project into independent, prioritised phases, and hence develop the project in separate steps. This enabled each step to be released as soon as it was developed and to gain revenues very early in the process.
The method Proekspert used simplified a very large project, and our 3-step process helped to determine the optimum concept that Danfoss needed.
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