Proekspert Presents Life-changing Smart Solution Award

For the first time at the Estonian Design Awards ceremony, a special award, the Life-changing Smart Solution Award, will be presented to the creator of a highly-innovative solution or service.

The award recognizes effective and innovative services where, with the assistance of design, a solution to a problem improved the environment for living, making it more human-friendly. The award is presented by Proekspert AS, an Estonian engineering company which specializes in making machines and devices smart. The awards ceremony takes place on September 16 at the 2016 Estonian Design Awards Gala.

Proekspert’s lead Marko Sverdlik says sustainable and world-changing solutions are created when the disciplines of business, technology, and design all intersect. “Through design we’re able to use tomorrow’s technologies for today’s solutions — useful products and services which improve our quality of life and save time so that people may spend their time on what is truly important to them.”

Sverdlik says growing the role of design is essential for the development of the Estonian economy. “If we want repeated success selling products and services in foreign markets, and if we want to grow out of the subcontractor’s role, then design is a wider and more strategic application for the development of products and services.”

The Estonian Design Center’s director Jane Oblikas wants the life-changing awards to show that design can significantly change our lives, making changes in society or making us behave in other ways. “In the work presented at the Estonian Design Awards we hope to find examples that inspire us and get us thinking about what footprint we are designing, and how and if this influences our lives both short-term and long-term.”

This year marks the third season for the presentation of the Estonian Design Awards. The Life-changing Smart Solution Award recognizes effective and innovative services, where with the assistance of design, a solution to a problem improved the environment for living, making it more human-friendly. In addition to the Life-changing Smart Solution Award, award for the Life-changing Smart Product and many other design awards from various categories will be presented. Work may be entered for the contest until 15th of August via Defolio.

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