Proekspert Wins German-Estonian Economics Prize

Proekspert won this year’s German-Estonian economics prize, awarded by the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce. Held for the seventh time, the theme of the competition was “The advances of the digital age – Industrie 4.0”. All Estonian companies involved in the digitization of the manufacturing processes, or providing relevant solutions for industrial enterprises, were invited to participate in the competition.

“Congratulations to this year’s winner! The competition was tough, but Proekspert was successful,” said Thomas Schöllkopf, President of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce. “We will continue to support innovative companies like our finalists and winner.”

Proekspert took part in the German-Estonian economics award competition because we wanted to introduce our product development projects to a wider audience. These projects focus on smart devices, digitization, and solutions related to Industry 4.0, the internet, AI, machine learning, and other similar topics.

When asked for the competition to articulate why we deserved to win, we responded:
• Proekspert has been involved in connecting devices for almost 25 years. So digitization has been our strength for a long time before someone came up with the idea of Industry 4.0.
• At Proekspert’s core, our soul is engineering and everything we do revolves around that. We’re not a marketing company wearing a technical mask.
• We are already operating in the German market, and our experience so far confirms that we can add value in several sectors of the German economy.

The solution presented at the competition was simFactory – created for smart factories, and based on collecting data from shop-floor devices and business systems, simFactory processes and harmonizes data and analytics to improve decision-making. The uniqueness of the solution lies in the new way it presents analytics from observing the manufacturing process and the variety of functions it performs in the factory. The implementation of this solution makes manufacturing processes easier to monitor and more transparent, facilitating better business decisions. The solution takes advantage of data analysis to use production-related resources (equipment, people) as efficiently as possible, improve product quality, and reduce production costs.

The jury for the award included economic opinion leaders from Germany and Estonia.

The previous winners of this prize are Enics Eesti (2016), GlasStress OÜ (2015), Meiren Engineering OÜ (2014), Bole OÜ (2013), Suwem AS (2011) and Asper Biotech AS (2009).

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Date: March 7
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
North Star AI, powered by Proekspert, focuses on the technical aspects of data science. The conference connects developers, engineers, data scientists, and data-driven startup leaders. Come find out how your organization can advance through the use of machine learning and data science.
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Date: April 1-5
Location: Hannover, Germany
The Hannover Messe brings together the industry’s key players and provides a forum to discuss their innovations. Proekspert is coming to Hannover to discuss Industrie 4.0, integrated industry, industrial intelligence, predictive maintenance, and smart factory solutions. Join us!
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Date: April 8-14
Location: Munich, Germany
bauma is the only trade fair in the world that brings together the construction machinery industry in its entire breadth and depth. Proekspert will be present and ready to discuss our solutions for the collection and analysis of data from machinery and devices - smart machine components for predictive maintenance.
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