Great summer reading for all writers of the future world – for free and without giving up your email address

Hello World – Grab an e-magazine about data, design and development this summer.

Proekspert has been publishing our top stories about our new ideas and great solutions in digital product creation, service design and business discovery. As the paper magazines have been extremely popular, here is finally a free pdf for your e-reader.

Of course, when you are an enthusiastic reader of our blog, you probably find some of these stories a bit familiar, yet these are not merely  blog articles, they are opinionated pieces with industry insights bunched together in a magazine!

Writers of the Future World – free ebook download

Alert: the book is usable only for those who have the superpower of speaking Estonian.

Want to know how we went from a basement company to tomorrow’s future thinkers?
Proekspert’s Estonian language e-book contains several stories of company life behind one of Estonia’s leading IT companies.

Prior to 2003, Proekspert was a small growing company, today, its walls contain numerous employees each with their stories of life at our offices.

Throughout Proekspert’s 25-year history the company’s experience also include future tech solutions in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence and mixed reality. This success was built on foundations created by the companies adventurous employees.

I was a little suspicious when l began reading, but it was hilariously funny. Sass Henno succeeded in creating a fast-paced and adventurous story with interesting historical aspects. I actually kept reading well into the morning.” – Katariina Roosipuu

The concept behind this book was conceived when the world began to take an interest in the success of the Estonian IT sector. Responding to this spotlight, our team started writing stories of their daily lives to share with the world.

If you are fluent in reading Estonian, you can download this e-Book for free and obtain a taster of life at Proekspert throughout your summer vacation.

Onto Chapter One!

Where to meet us in 2019

Date: March 7
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
North Star AI, powered by Proekspert, focuses on the technical aspects of data science. The conference connects developers, engineers, data scientists, and data-driven startup leaders. Come find out how your organization can advance through the use of machine learning and data science.
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Date: April 1-5
Location: Hannover, Germany
The Hannover Messe brings together the industry’s key players and provides a forum to discuss their innovations. Proekspert is coming to Hannover to discuss Industrie 4.0, integrated industry, industrial intelligence, predictive maintenance, and smart factory solutions. Join us!
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Date: April 8-14
Location: Munich, Germany
bauma is the only trade fair in the world that brings together the construction machinery industry in its entire breadth and depth. Proekspert will be present and ready to discuss our solutions for the collection and analysis of data from machinery and devices - smart machine components for predictive maintenance.
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