Will robots take your job?

Proekspert data scientist Martin Lumiste’s presentation at this year’s Robotex conference explored the future of robots and AI. For those who missed it, here is your chance:
Recent advances in the field of machine learning have brought artificial intelligence technologies to the limelight. Self-driving cars, package delivery robots and automatic checkout registers at grocery stores have left people wondering if automatization is the inevitable outcome of every profession.

In this talk, Martin Lumiste from Proekspert discusses the notion of strong and weak AI, how autonomous systems work, where the field of machine learning is heading towards and how this is going to affect the job market of all specialists ranging from construction workers to NASA engineers. The claim is made that building new wealth redistribution channels remains the biggest obstacle ahead in the forthcoming age of AI.

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Date: June 7 - 8
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
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Date: June 11 - 15
Location: Hannover, Germany
CEBIT 2018 covers the digitization of business, government and society from every angle. Let´s meet there:
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Date: June 14
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Innovating supply chains, utilising artificial intelligence to improve productivity, the impact of the IIoT on systems management, digital twin technology etc - let´s gather new ideas at FMTX together:
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