For 24 years we’ve been the people behind the curtain for some of Europe and Scandinavia’s top products and services.

Solutions behind your success.

There are millions of software developers in the world. But the world does not require software. The world requires user-friendly functionality that both looks good and serves business purposes. This is where we come in. 

Proekspert creates software for companies that shape the modern world. Our job is to load machines with intelligence, and to mix high-end design with the utmost usability. By doing this, we can let machines improve on human life.

Based in Estonia, Europe’s hotbed for e-solutions, for 24 years Proekspert has been the one behind the curtain for some of Europe and Scandinavia’s top products and services. Proekspert has been Danfoss Group’s development centre for over 10 years. Although Estonian minority shareholders bought out Proekspert in 2015, we continue to be the strategic software development partner for Danfoss.

Successful software means your customer never notices it’s there. We bring your ideas to life with tailor-made software solutions. Proekspert has never dropped the ball on a project. When we shake hands on something, we get it done. We deliver. No nonsense.

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