What we offer

We help you build world-changing solutions by combining data science and product development expertise with design thinking approach. We focus on giving you a strong competitive edge by testing new business ideas quickly while tackling the possible risks, and also taking responsibility for the whole product development process.

In each phase of the collaboration our designers, technology experts, and data scientists challenge the established thinking, involve customers at every step and ensure the success of the products we develop. Let´s partner up to discover new business opportunities and build your next great product together!


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“In times of change, you need new alternatives, fresh ideas.” – Geroli Peedu, Lead Designer

Service design is successful because it focuses on the needs of users; it’s about understanding the context and culture of the stakeholders involved. Ultimately, it encourages innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

Our design team helps you interpret your customers’ needs, as well as the context and culture of stakeholders. Design thinking explores new alternatives and produces better options for the future.

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  • customer journey mapping
  • storyboards
  • design workshops
  • GV Design Sprint
  • innovation workshops
  • user interviews
  • live prototypes
  • personas

Digital Product

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“Game-changing products come as the result of the team with the right mix of skills.” – Piruza Harutjunjan, Business Development Lead and Partner

We provide a full range of services starting from business analysis to ready-to-market product. Together we define the goal, the business parameters, and develop the product.

Since 1993, we’ve been the people behind the curtain for some of Europe and Scandinavia’s top products and services.

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  • web/mobile design
  • product design
  • system architecture and design
  • application software development
  • embedded software development
  • integrated systems
  • cloud-based systems
  • cyber security


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“The trend towards data science adoption in business shows no signs of stopping in the coming decades.” – Peeter Meos, Data Scientist

Data is everywhere; we make it useful. Our data-driven approach enables better business decisions – we help you to avoid critical failures, optimise costs, improve efficiency, and achieve business understanding.

We offer end-to-end solutions including data warehousing, data visualization and reporting, AI-enhanced control systems, anomaly and fault detection, diagnostic suggestions, automated equipment configurations, predictive maintenance, credit scoring, and fraud detection.

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  • machine learning
  • artificial intelligence
  • data mining
  • deep learning
  • predictive modelling
  • data visualization and reporting
  • predictive analytics
  • computer vision

What makes us unique?

Our people

Game-changing products and strategies are built by multidisciplinary teams which excel in business, design, and technical areas. We hail from the digital powerhouse of Estonia, the world leader in technology applied positively to human lives.

Our expertise

Proekspert is the place where your business meets a unique combination of design thinking, 25 years of technology expertise, and cutting-edge ideas of data science. We have been creating solutions for IoT and Industry 4.0 long before they became trends.

How we work

We have battle-tested methods which can be easily adapted to the product development processes of your enterprise. Our unique organizational structure means proactivity instead of over-management, synergy instead of dead weight, and fast delivery instead of time wasted.

Smart Products

Future products are created by merging human-centric design, data science and technology.

  • Intelligent thermostats
  • Configurable variable speed drives platform
  • Synchronized solar inverters
  • Smart beds & tables

Intelligent IoT

Proekspert has been involved with connecting devices for 25 years. Digitalization has been our strength for a long time before someone came up with the name Industry 4.0.

  • Data-driven analytics for electronic industries
  • Process automation
  • Operator interface for factories

Smart Environments

We are here to create seamless future environments that enhance human experiences and optimize resources.

  • Smart city concept
  • Smart home concept
  • Smart cabin concept
  • Data-driven HVAC optimization
  • Embedded applications for variable speed drives
  • Real-time motor control algorithms


Establishing effective connections is our specialty—whether they entail communication between your phone and warehouse, or a completely new service altogether.

  • Self-service portals
  • Microservices architectures
  • Customer churn prediction


For 25 years we have been creating a diversified variety of solutions for global banking corporations to simplify and innovate their banking operations and services.

  • Software for payment terminals
  • Payment gateways
  • Ticketing payment system for public transportation
  • Currency exchange & money remittance service
  • Real-time stock trading mobile platform
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Work 4.0 category
German-estonian business award
Industry 4.0 award
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Entrepreneurship award
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Where to meet us in 2018

Date: October 16
Location: Bayern, Germany
During the event you have an amazing opportunity to take part in the workshop "Machine Learning implementation based on an example of HVAC energy optimization," facilitated by Peeter Meos, Tähve Lõpp, Vaiko Hansson and Cord Winkelmann. Come join us.
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Date: October 19 - 22
Location: Milan, Italy
Be inspired, discover new ideas at an international exhibition dedicated to machines, technology, and products and services for laundry, ironing and textile cleaning. Let’s meet in Italy.
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Date: November 27 - 29
Location: Cannes, France
TRUSTECH is unique in its coverage running the gamut from secure and trusted solutions, to smart cards and secure documents to AI and embedded hardware and software for the IoT. Join opinion leaders from companies in payment, identification and security. Let’s meet in Cannes.
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